The Different Values of a life

In most of the world today, it seems, the thought of human life is nothing but a number to most individuals, so long as those numbers aren’t close friends or family. We read of war-torn countries like Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan and many others and brush off the thought of the innocent people losing their lives in those places. Many of those lives are lost due to outside sources, for example the American invasion of Iraq caused civilian casualties estimated widely between 150,000 to well over 1 million . Just contemplating the lower number is hard enough.

It seems that the majority Western opinion is to value those lives in a lower ranking viewpoint in their minds. We see individuals justifying mass killings by soldiers because of the actions of a few , most times in no way related to those who have been killed. Yet when a terrorist organization in the middle east kills a handful of Westerners or christians, the west goes up in arms, screaming for the deaths of all of those who had the misfortune of being born in a section of land that has been ravaged by western Governments over the past few hundred years.

How do you value life? Is a life a life? Do you believe, say, a member of the Islamic faith’s life is less valuable than a follower of Christianity? Judaism? How do you view others from different cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles?

I feel that western nations, especially Americans, have been desensitized to the senseless killings of individuals as long as they fit into specific sociopolitical or ethnic or even regional categories. From the Ghetto’s of Chicago and Washington D.C., to the streets and homes of those in Syria, Libia, Iraq and especially those in Palestine.

By no means do I justify acts of aggression taken by those of those countries when not in self-defense, but what would your goal be in life if your entire existence had been dictated by a country on the other side of the world, through shell governments, to financially backed dictators. How would you feel to see your friends and family murdered, tortured and killed by those same entities? What would you, as an individual with nothing left to live for do?

My final point is this. If you claim to care for human life, than I personally believe you should care for all human life. I believe you should be outraged by any unjust killing. I believe you should voice those opinions. I believe you should disregard the rule of Governments that perpetuate these acts. I believe people as a whole need to work to end the tyrannical rule that is Government. I believe we need to be exploring other political or anti-political thought avenues as individuals, because Governments have done nothing but cause death, starvation, chaos and division in this world.

Nothing will ever be perfect, but we have been trying our current systems for a millenia with little success. Its time for a change.




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