A Call for Death to Independent Media


For the past few days, on mainstream media, we have seen politicians (such as Hillary Clinton) and reporters alike calling for a crackdown on what they label “Fake News”. Basically any news that doesn’t please them. That contradicts their belief systems, their way of life.

This rhetoric is scary at best and terrifying at most. No matter if something someone says is true or if it is false, they have the right and should have the ability to say it. These politicians and reporters have been calling for government investigations to be done regarding this “fake news” conundrum and have also enlisted the help of some of the largest social media outlets and search engines in the world to help them in this “Battle”. Companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google have already begun agreements to help curb the flow of these “fake news reports”.

Now, who determines what is fake and what is the truth? Would this task be delegated to appointed Government officials or employees , whom sit at a computer desk all day approving or not any story that pass through their hands? Would it be left up to the mass and social media organizations to self police their sources?

The former has been done before, by the Reich Press Chamber, in 1933. Establishing Government censorship of the press in Germany, in 1933, was one of the key components of establishing Nazi Party control within the hearts and minds of the German people. This enabled the Nazi party to swell in number enough to establish itself as the supreme rulers of Germany, enabling them to take their campaign of death and destruction beyond their borders. Most of you are aware of the aftermath.

Shall American’s and others in modernized societies allow these infringements upon their natural rights continue, or will they sit back, remote and hand, sucking up the same old dribble.

Hillary Clinton for example had no problem with the press, that is until her Benghazi scandal. All of a sudden she starts hinting at news being fake. Then there was the Democratic National Committee e-mail’s that showed the rigging of the DNC vote by her campaign managers and supporters. This spawned an all new mantra of “The News is Fake”. Then we had the odd collection of e-mails regarding Podesta and the now infamous “Pizza Gate”.

The sad part is, with censorship of the media and individuals, no one would know any of this. All anyone would hear is what the Governments and Corporations want them to hear.It will be a sad world the day they our able to control the everyday man’s forms of communications, a sad day indeed.

Everyone needs to take a stand against this attempt of blatant natural rights violations. Don’t let others control your minds, think for yourselves and for god sake, write. Write the truth and all can be overcome.

-Kyle Miller


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