Police forces to regain Military supply Chain

According to the Associated Press , President elect Donald J. Trump , promised law enforcement agencies across the nation that he will reinstate the pipeline of surplus military equipment to local law enforcement agencies that the Obama administration had ceased doing.


This comes at a time when police-community relations are at an all time low. At a time when police practices are being questioned around the country and at a time when militarized police forces abused protestors of the Dakota Access Pipeline, stirring rage from all across the political spectrum.

Militarized police actions have been called into question numerous times within the past few years alone. No-knock raids, excessive force and even the seriously unfortunate event of a baby in Habersham county , Georgia who was negligently flash-banged while sleeping in his crib.

People across the nation have been up in arms due to these actions by police, yet most politicians seem to be silent on the subject. It could be for fear of reprisal from their respective political parties, or fear of losing their seat. The message is clear though, people are not happy with the services they are receiving with their taxes.

The equipment that president-elect Donald J. Trump plans to allow police forces to obtain from the federal government are stated in this article quote from the associated press.

If president-elect Donald Trump keeps his promise, surplus military grenade launchers, bayonets, tracked armored vehicles and high-powered firearms and ammunition will once again be available to state and local U.S. police departments.

Citizens are asking the questions of “Why on earth would police need grenade launchers, bayonets and tracked armored vehicles?” Apparently they are not receiving an answer. At this point the ball is in the court of the citizenry to stand up to a militarized police force being formed within their country.

There seems to be nothing anyone can or will do at this point in time but sit and wait for the possible fallout of handing military grade weapons to America’s everyday police force. What will they be used for? When will they be allowed to deploy? These are some of the questions Americans need to be asking, as they foot the bill for all of this equipment anyway.


-Kyle Miller


2 thoughts on “Police forces to regain Military supply Chain

  1. I know what I discovered on the Internet since it has been created and the amount of information that is out there now is freakish, REALLY. Yet there is also some Greatness and Wonderful things happening.

    Most what what is in this article, to be true, of a feeling heart and Self Knowledge be that Guided by me QUESTIONING and A DESIRE to LEARN. I can Honestly say that, WE are going in the WRONG direction. Let put it this way, If your Knowledge was LIMITED to just TV NEWS, (In most homes it is 😦 You know very little about the WORLD.

    Now, with what has Gain, and how one has CHOSEN to Use, Learn and Share, on the Internet, ONE could Create a new WORLD!

    NEWS Never Ever Worth Seeing – Yes, I watch. To see where They (NEWS) are in the world. MOST Don’t know!

    Maybe it’s time to start a book. Share the KNOWLEDGE, which I’ve learnt, from my time on the NET.

    Yet Like the NEWS, the internet is finding its way IN. And soon we will have to find COMMUNITY. So use your Feeling, your Gut, Your HEART and discover Your TRUTH!

    Then you’ll know what is FAKe and what is REAL! 🙂
    Love and Peace


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