National Security Agency isn’t so National


According to a recent WikiLeaks release, America’s National Security Agency has not only been gathering massive amounts of data from American’s but from other nations as well. Germany’s Bundesnachrichtendienst or BND, has been working not just in close connection but at the behest of America’s NSA. According to WikiLeaks, documents show the BND was making ” preparations for collecting internal information on which private US companies are operating in the security sector in Germany.” Apparently , Germany’s parliament was attempting to seek information on the extent of the BND’s actions on behest of the American NSA and also the full list of whom they had by spying on the NSA’s orders.


The most recent documents released by WikiLeaks show that early agreements were in place between the BND and the NSA , even to the extent of the NSA calling the shots on internal processes of the BND when it came to security functions. For example “one document from the BND states that a BND employee will be tasked to use and write software for XKeyscore, an NSA system for searching and analyzing data collected through mass surveillance.”

If all of this wasn’t worrisome enough to both Americans and Germans , these documents contain proof that these agencies , particularly the BND, found ways to hide documents from auditors during audits from out-of-agency oversight, but particularly the German Parliament. They were actually able to screen the audits done on their organizations themselves, preventing parliament from seeing the full scope of their spying.nsafile2

This audit was mandated after Edward Snowden’s revelations showing the vast amount of spying the US has perpetrated upon the rest of the world. Mr. Snowden was asked to testify regarding these spying issues, only to have his invitation rescinded after Angela Merkel’s Union bloc and the social democrats appealed a court’s ruling that he would not be handed over to the US after entering the country.nsa2

All of these documents can be found on WikiLeaks.

Edward Snowden is a true hero of the people and a major proponent of the truth. Without people like Him and Julian Assange an educated and informed society could and would never exist. It is whistle blowers and speakers of the truth who have always attempted to hold Government over-reach at bay. Please, if you get the time, spread the word about these documents and if you can read German (as most of the documents are in) then please read them for yourselves. If you are going to be spied on, you mind as well know who is doing it and possibly learn how to help protect yourself from it in the process.

-Kyle Miller (Editor-In-Chief)

Credit for Grapic: The Free Thought Project

Credit for Information: WikiLeaks





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