BREAKING: DHS Linked to Election Hacks

In a not-so-surprising turn of events , the American Department of Homeland Security has been linked back through one of their IP addresses as the actual culprits of the hacking done on election systems on November 7th, 2016 . At least 3 state’s election systems were effected by these hacks, to what extent we are not quiet sure.  This comes in lieu of mainstream media sources accusing the Russians and even personally accusing Russian President, Vladimir Putin, of perpetrating these attacks himself in order to help Donald J. Trump win the election.14956408_1846406122246313_3178708879417765992_n

These same news organizations are the ones who have been spewing out lies about CIA reports which they themselves admit had not been confirmed and pushing the narrative that if the news doesn’t come from them regarding Hillary Clinton that you are to regard that news as “Fake News”. All of this even spurred legislation to go through congress aimed at giving the government the ability to silence so-called “Fake News” organizations. This was all just an attempt to push their own narratives and personal agenda’s rather than accomplish anything for the betterment of man, any freedom of speech advocate may have told you this before these new revelations.

Now the ball rolls into President Barack Obama’s court and how he will deal with this either apparent rouge activity of one of his agencies on behalf of one of his personal friends and allies, or whether or not he personally gave the order being as he has the power and ability to order the DHS to do his bidding. Will Barrack Obama be brought before Senate Hearing Committee’s to speak of his and his office’s possible treason or will he recant his statements accusing the Russian government and Vladimir Putin of perpetrating these supposed attacks on “American Democracy”.

All of these revelations touch on a previous story of ours, speaking of the NSA and DHS. These agencies appear to have little to no oversight whatsoever to the point in which they are able to personally hack into what is supposed to be a highly secure network and possibly influence this supposed “Democratic” process. Voting is nothing but the illusion of choice as it is, start taking away that illusion and you are going to have 300 million very angry people looking for new and better ways to live their lives and possibly govern themselves. I guess we can only hope that this happens, that there is a massive waking up of the American people to this sham that they believe is a government that works for them.

We will release more information in updates on this post as it comes to us.

Update: In a laughable response, the DHS has made a release claiming that the alleged hacking by their office was just a federal employee “copying and pasting”. I can’t make this stuff up.

Video by a Local Georgia News Station regarding this




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