A New Year, a New Dawn


As we come into a new year, some may take the time to reflect on the actions they took or the events they experienced over this past year. For the world in general, this year has not been a very good one. From war, death , destruction, economic collapse, police killings, racism, hindrance of freedoms and murder by government agents of people like Lavoy Finicum, it has not been a good year for many.

We would like to highlight some of the good and bad events of the past year, warning some of these events didn’t happen according to the mainstream media and by reporting this we are considered “fake news”.

  • (VIrginia, USA) Officer Adam Torres is found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for the unlawful killing of John Geer in Fairfax County over 2 years ago. He does little jail time in a “sweet heart” deal setup by corrupt and bias Commonwealth’s Attorney Ray Morrogh.
  • index(Virginia, USA) In the same county of Fairfax, deputies with the Fairfax county Sheriff’s office are exonerated by the same Commonwealth’s attorney for the torturing and killing of Natasha McKenna in the Fairfax County jail. Video was released by the sheriff’s office that shows the terrible torture Miss McKenna was subjected to before she passed.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVs8B2Nmo5k
  • Lavoy Finicum was gunned down by local and federal agents while traveling near the occupation site in Oregon where him and his supporters were occupying land that they claim the federal government had no right to hold. ( A simple google search can give more insights to the situation but we will be posting a series of articles related to this situation in the next week or so)
  • Drone Strikes were increased in numbers by President Barack Obama in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Lebanon and Pakistan. The result of this over the past few years has been an estimated civilian death toll of over 1,000 civilians, yet according to the Obama Administration the number is only 116 estimated civilian death. Although independent news sources in these countries and people on the ground completely blast those numbers out of the water with eye witness accounts and documentation.
  • Hillary Clinton and the DNC administration , confirmed through email’s released by wikileaks , stole the Democratic Party nomination from Bernie Sanders in favor of Clinton, going against their voter base’s wishes.
  • After losing the 2016 presidential election , Hillary Clinton along with mainstream media have been pushing that “fake news” and “Russian Hacking” are the reasons for her loss in the election, although it was already proven that 3 election systems in 3 states hacks were linked back to an NSA computer. There has literally been no physical evidence showing Russian intervention and hacking, yet the mainstream media reports it as truth.
  • After numerous police killings and horrendous interactions with police all across America, nothing is still being done to address the problem. Protests have been violently ended with brute physical force and chemical warfare.

There is much more, today we are going to work on some more recap stories for the past year. We ask that you stick with us and try to become informed and stop following the mainstream narrative of events going on in the world. Network with people from around the world, get the stories from those on the ground.

Hopefully this year will be a better year for Humanity as a whole, it doesn’t look like that will be so. Stay Informed, Stay Safe and Stay prepared.




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