US Intelligence: Proof of Russian Hacking, All solid evidence CLASSIFIED

Last night a Senate Committee hearing was held in regards to the “Russian Hacking” problem that all of a sudden concerns Americans after seemingly baseless accusations by mainstream media and politicians. This Senate Committee hearing, chaired by Senator John McCain, included Director Clapper of the National Intelligence Agency, Admiral Michael Rogers and Secretary Marcel Lettre of the Department of Defense.

Most of the first half of this few hour-long meeting was elongated goodbyes and patriotic euphemisms about how great the US is and how they continue to be the greatest power and most influential in the world. After these introductions they were thanked by the majority of the subcommittee and proceedings were eventually started.

Then John McCain started speaking and asking questions. He began stating that Russia and China are America’s biggest threats currently in the world. Senator McCain went on to state that “Unless we demonstrate that the cost of attacking the united states outweighs the benefits” our enemies will see us as weak.

This is scary talk coming from the war mongering senator who was one of the key figures in the invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, the funding of Syrian rebels to usurp Assad (which lead to the creation of ISIS). From his rhetoric throughout the meeting is appears that Senator McCain wants nothing more than to go to war with Russia in every way possible, from cyber retaliation to boots on the ground and strategic strikes.


Senator McCain also spoke about the threat of “Fake News” and its influence on the United State’s “Democratic” process. He spoke of joining forces with industry (Government talk for interfering in the private sector) under the guise of protecting US interests and infrastructure.

Last but not least from Senator McCain, he asked the 3 person panel what would “Constitute an act of war in cyber space and what would be a proper response, and what merits a military response”

Secretary Lettre of the Department of Defense spoke briefly , mainly thanking the members of the panel and praising america and his organization for their tough efforts in the battle against terrorism and cyber warfare. He also state that the United States needs to up their Cyber forces, both defensive and offensive networks to include the DOD’s own network,

Then it became Director Clapper’s turn to speak. Mr. Clapper proceeded to state that Russia influenced the election process by releasing truthful documents via Wikileaks that pointed out corruption and scandal in the DNC and it’s supporters. He also stated that within Classified Documents, most of which will not be released by the public, including how they came across such evidence, showed that the Russian government was personally involved in initiating attacks against US election systems during the 2016 election.

Ironic, isn’t it? The man who claims the NSA is not spying on Americans in any way, sits on a stand before congress trying to tell the public that a foreign entity is attacking US infrastructure but the evidence to prove that without a doubt is classified and will not be released to the public. He is asking a nation to trust him based on his word while he stands before those people blatantly lying about government spying on its citizens and mass data collection.

All in all this subcommittee hearing boiled down to one thing and one thing only. The “United States government is hell-bent on starting a large-scale conflict with Russia to “protect American interests” across the world. That is an exact quote from every single person who spoke at this subcommittee hearing. When will the American government learn that meddling with the world and attempting to be the world police causes more strife, more death and more terrorism than just minding their own business?


American intervention in the middle east has disrupted at least 5 countries entirely, not to mention American support (financial and military) to Israel who has been committing Genocide against the people of Palestine and the West Bank for years. “American Interests” are tearing this world apart. I believe its past time that people should start to be questioning their government, their ideology and maybe stepping outside of the influence that is Government. Opting out of this system that perpetrates war and an Oligarchy that controls our economic systems not just here, but around the world.

Maybe its time you start questioning, maybe its time you start waking up.

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