Violence, Mayhem and fake “Anarchists”

On Inauguration day, we sent one of our reporters and one of our photographers up to the inauguration in D.C. to cover some of the protests against Donald Trump’s being Inaugurated as the next president of the United States. Needless to say, it was quiet an interesting day for our team.

Starting at around 7 a.m. eastern standard time, our reporters met at the meeting point of the J20 resist movement, which appeared to have been a subgroup of the Black Lives Matter movement and organization. They began with speeches regarding police violence in the district along with abuses of power by the city council regarding gentrification of lower income families. This was all well and good for the first hour, these were strong, powerful and meaningful messages that truly needed to be heard by people and i truly appreciated their message at the time.


Then, somewhere between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. , many more people had gathered in-front of the metropolitan police station on Indiana Avenue, N.W., D.C. The organizers then stated that they were going to be marching to the nearby Inauguration Checkpoint entrance to carry their message to those attempting to attend Donald Trump’s inauguration. This is when things got very interesting.

After gathering in-between the crowd control fencing just before the checkpoint, the protestors starting shouting that this checkpoint was going to be “Shut Down”. Shortly after , multiple individuals produced chain and locks and locked themselves to the crowd control gates, while others built a human shield blocking other from entering the inauguration security checkpoint.

Chants began to rise up of “Shut it down!” and “This checkpoint is Closed!” among others. It began as a very peaceful demonstration in that aspect, that is until people attempting to enter the inauguration got fed up with being inconvenienced and began forcefully shoving their way through the crowds and human blockades. Many of these incidents turned into minor scuffles and fist fights, with a few injured parties on each side.

This lasted throughout most of the morning, with D.C. police, Secret Service and the U.S. Marshal’s office taking a hands off approach. Eventually , they actually shut down the entrance gate to the inauguration and began redirecting people to other security gates, some of which had also been shut down due to demonstrations.


As I said, things stayed relatively peaceful, that is until self-proclaimed “Anarchists” flying the black and red flags of Anarcho-Communists joined in on the festivities and began resorting to violence and destruction of private property. They managed to turn a strong and powerful, fairly peaceful message into one of hate and destruction within a matter of minutes of arriving.

The aftermath of their destruction has been seen all over the news and its sad how badly this hurts any movement of peaceful demonstrations. Whether you believe these protests are organized by George Soros for currency manipulation purposes, believe these people are wrong or if you fully agree with their demonstrations there is no excuse for unwarranted aggression and property destruction. The only thing this accomplishes is giving the police and government agencies more excuses than ever to crack down on the meaningful, peaceful demonstrations that brought all of these people together.


Regardless of your opinion of Black lives matter and the other organizations that showed up to protest a trump presidency, you should listen and research some of the things they are speaking of such as justice reforms, police reforms , prisons for profit and gentrification. Just because the message gets skewed along the way does not mean that the message lacks plausibility and truthfulness.

Here are some videos that our reporters took of this event.

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