2nd Amendment Activist attempts to file a complaint while open carrying, turns very bad

Open Carry activists James Baker and Brandon Vreeland were pulled over by police for no reason, as admitted by police while driving through Dearborn, Michigan. This violation of rights rightfully upset Mr. Baker and Vreeland who informed police they were heading to the police station to file a report against the officers involved in their unlawful detention.

Upon arriving at the Dearborn Police department, legally open carrying their firearms according to Michigan State law(Michigan Law Regarding firearm restrictions), they entered the lobby of the police department, Immediately upon entering, officers came out of an entrance door with rifles and Glock sidearms aimed directly at their heads (due to them wearing armored vests).

Mr. Baker and Vreeland attempted to plead with the officers, stating that nothing they were doing was in fact illegal, which in response they were told “What the fuck is wrong with you” and “I will put a round in you sir” as you can clearly hear in the video above.

No matter what you think of the way in which these two gentleman exercised their rights, the moral of this story is what they were doing was completely legal. As police officers who are sworn to uphold the law, how can one absolve them of their responsibility to uphold said laws? Is it OK for police officers to practice willful ignorance to the law they are paid to enforce and uphold?

These two gentleman almost lost their lives simply because they were exercising rights we are taught from a young age are instilled within us simply because we live in this country. The men threatening to kill them are paid to supposedly protect those rights, yet they seem to fail in almost every aspect of doing so, in fact, they tend to be the number one perpetrators of violating the very rights they are sworn to protect.

James has subsequently been charged with Breach of Peace, Concealing Identity while In the Commission of a Crime, Failure to comply with booking.

Brandon has been charged with breach of peace, resisting arrest, failure to obey a lawful order.

Due to this situation, their vehicles, guns and video equipment have been seized by the police department. This on top of legal fees has left James and Brandon in a bit of a bind and although they would like to not have to ask for help, they truly need it. If you wish to donate to their defense fund they will accept Satoshi through their Bitcoin Wallet. The address for which is BTC: 1LkDHpe85YY8JEGw2R2tcrgdx6XXa3eAS9 . Every little bit helps these two heroes of liberty get back to work.

No law gives you the right to carry a firearm or not, that is inherent in you, it is a natural right and should not be impeded upon by anyone, especially government. This entire situation could have been prevented, had a few officers not targeted known rights activists and unlawfully detained them for a given amount of time.

This is what many also seem to overlook. Police and the policies enforce tend to create more problems in society than they do to quell them. We can get into that more at a later date.

video credit: Photography is Not a Crime


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