Free Speech is Lost, Will it be Forever?

From Social Justice Warriors and Antifa, to police departments and government worldwide, Free speech is ironically falling upon deaf ears. On one hand, with the Social Justice Warriors, they try to mandate that others are restricted from using certain words in situations that may “offend” individuals. They go so far to the extreme that they actually label offensive language as assault. Where as, Antifa, especially in America, seem to be using physical violence to attack anyone who speaks their mind that doesn’t agree with their agenda.

Now, that may seem out there past left field, but lets look at the opposite side of the political spectrum. We have the conservatives who say they praise free speech, that is unless that speech is negative towards police, soldiers, religious figures or basically anything else they worship in their day to day lives. Do you begin to see the hypocrisy of it all?

For example, I myself have recently been silenced on Facebook, specifically on my local Sheriff office’s Facebook page. There was no reason given and i had not violated their rules or Facebook’s terms of services, they simply blocked me, which deleted every comment i ever made over the past 4 years on their Facebook page.


Now, sadly, most of the community that supports them hails these things as great triumphs for whatever mission they have envisioned in their minds. As long as only those they agree with have a voice then they are pleased. This is where total hypocrisy comes into play.

Conservatives love to praise the “Laws of the land” and the constitution and claim to be law abiding citizens, yet when there is a government run by individuals they consider their people, they are perfectly content on allowing their government to break the supposed laws that their government is suppose to uphold. At the same time, they condemn groups like Black Lives Matter for standing up for the supposed rights they praise so much.


I have come to the conclusion that all political ideologies in America, and across the globe, believe that rights only belong to those that agree with their ideologies, anyone outside of that is ostracized for standing up for the exact same rights they praise.

You may consider the left as social justice warriors, but i point out that all side of the political spectrum appear to be their own versions of social justice warriors, always trying to enforce laws and manipulate society to follow their beliefs in all social interactions in life.

People need to wake up, think for themselves and diverge from this mob mentality that is the political spectrum.


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