Local Virginia Deputies Violate Laws with Impunity

I’ve lived in a town called Stafford just within the D.C. Metro area since 1999 with my family. If there is one thing I could point out that lead me down the path to my personal political beliefs, it would be the local governments in my area and the Sheriff and Police Departments that enforce their codes and ordinances.

The sheer lack of respect for even their own arbitrary laws is absurd. Case in point, the video you are about to watch is a traffic stop i was involved in the other night.

See, I still like to look for stories and report on local things even after expanding my writing and reporting to a world-wide stage. Something just feels right about still writing about the place I’ve called home for 18 years of my life. Looking for stories is exactly what I was doing this night and this tends to bring me to areas that some would not consider the best, but they are where most of the stories come from in this town.

There are generally only a handful of stories you read about. Sports from the high schools, News from DC and Richmond about government, and then there is the local law enforcement. Sadly, the local reporters who work for the major newspaper, The Free-Lance Star seem the never publish anything other than the sheriff’s office or local government’s narrative of events, which sadly leaves a lot of the truth from their publishing.

Well, a few years ago that is where i started to come in and where i got started in my quest for a hobby/hopefully turn to career in Journalism. I tagged along with the organization Cop Block and started my own local chapter, Stafford Cop block an off-shoot of Northern Virginia Cop block and Virginia Cop block. All of these organizations are decentralized yet cooperate when necessary.

I will talk more in-depth about this in articles and op-eds to come but for now, witness the total lack of respect for laws in which these local law enforcement officers expect you to follow hand and foot, yet when they don’t , don’t you dare call them out on it.


Note: Deputy who initiated the traffic stop is Deputy Burgess, Supervisor’s name is Cologna(not positive on spelling)


One thought on “Local Virginia Deputies Violate Laws with Impunity

  1. Typical virginia cops in general. Crooked as they come. Stand up for your rights buddy and then sue the sorry as cool for what he done illegally. I would ask for him to be fired so no more inocent people are harrassed by this dumbass. Send him to a job that better suits him mcdonalds.

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