New Footage in Dearborn, MI Open Carry Case Questions the Police Narrative

Dearborn, Michigan – Open carry activists Brandon Vreeland and James Baker, as we have previously reported, are in a legal battle that may wind up setting legal precedents in the state of Michigan. As previously reported Mr. Baker and Mr. Vreeland were swarmed by officers of the Deerborn Police Department upon entering their front lobby to file a complaint about a recent interaction with a few of their officers. It would be smart to note that Mr. Vreeland was carrying nothing but a camera on a tripod, while Mr. Baker legally carried a slung AK-47 and a sidearm.

Well after a lot of effort, Mr. Vreeland was able to obtain the footage from his personal camera (but could not receive his camera which was stolen by the police). The footage can be seen below, along with some footage from the lobby, which both defendants were given the run around about, while an officer from the Deerborn Police Department leaked the video to a pro-police Facebook group. This was prior to discovery being granted to the defendants and may bring up some very serious legal hurdles for the prosecuting attorneys to overcome if they wish to try and convict these two activists.

What will astonish most is the sheer violence shown by the Deerborn Police Department for two individuals who were not menacing in anyway nor making any threats to do harm. Officers came from every angle, guns drawn, fingers on the trigger. They even pointed their guns at Mr. Vreeland, whom was not armed in any way.

What is most telling of the intention of the police is the way in which they seemed to purposefully over-react to the situation, even stating that they would shoot Mr. Baker and even Mr. Vreeland, all for violating no laws under the Michigan code. They also knew they were coming due to officers from an initial traffic stop (which prompted the two to attempt to file a complaint) informing dispatch of their plans to head directly to the police station to file a complaint.

Now, whether or not you agree with these activists tactics, ask yourself this. How far would you go to exercise your natural rights, to maintain them and to keep the government you are forced to abide from turning ever more tyrannical.

If you would like to donate to Mr. Vreeland’s and Mr. Baker’s defense fund you can do so Here


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Don’t Forget to check out this video of their Arraignment and the complete circus that is the Deerborn Courthouse.



2 thoughts on “New Footage in Dearborn, MI Open Carry Case Questions the Police Narrative

  1. Fucking cowards. You crooked cops are why the good cops get a bad name and have a problem doing their jobs because of coward ass crooked cops lime you. Hopefuy them boys catch you out and about when you aint in uniform and beat the shit out of you which is exactly what all you cowards boys sue the ahit out of those cowards and their bosses who give them the job. You cops need to go flip some burgers boys and i know that would be challenging for people with your mental stability but the manager will help you and then peoples lives at least wont be at stake by putting a gun in people like their hands.

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