How Judges in Virginia and SC are Selected; Why you Need to Know

Photo courtesy of the daily sheeple.

In 48 States in the US, Judges are elected by voters within the district they will be presiding for both district and circuit court positions. Above that such as appellate courts vary from state to state, but in general, those holding those positions were elected by the popular vote of constituents residing within their lawful jurisdiction.

That is why it may come as quiet a surprise to many to learn that in both Virginia and South Carolina, Judges , from the lowly district court all the way up to the state supreme court, are in fact elected by the legislature.

Some see no problem with this, making claims such as “we trust our elected officials to make those decisions for us” and “this is a republic, not a democracy”. Only there is one problem with that. 

If you subscribe to the idea of a Democratic Republic, then you must subscribe to a term all those in governmental power hate, Checks and Balances.

Giving the legislative branch almost absolute control over the judicial branch, you create a government that literally breeds corruption in many forms. Judges may be told behind closed doors to help silence opposition, refuse to strike down unconstitutional laws and ordinances and protect the government in civil matters as well, lest be faced with not being re-elected, or better more re-selected.

This is one of the most disturbing revelations I have come across recently involving my home state of Virginia, but i can’t say that I’m surprised, corruption on this scale has put many innocent people behind bars and effects thousands of friends, families and loved ones.

Now, I’m not suggesting you go groveling at your master’s feet to get this changed (which would be very hard as it is in the VA constitution) but something needs to change, but how i can’t really say. 

All we can do is opt out of this state sponsored terrorism that is this “justice” system as much as possible and refuse to fund their ill intended deeds.


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