Syria: A Brief Synopsis by Slevin Kelevra

By Contributor Slevin Kelevra:

To all my friends (both Conservative and Liberal), gather round and hear my tale because you all look lost: The radicalization of Syrian rebels did not happen organically and Assad did not chemically bomb peaceful civilians, ,if they were a part of it at all. (Especially not during a UN human rights violation investigation that Assad had invited himself).


It all started after Saudi Arabia drew out the blueprints for a Qatar-Yemen-Syria oil pipeline to open up to the European market. Care to guess which of the three countries refused? You betcha: Syria. They instead chose to do their business dealings with the other (Shia-sect) powerhouse in the region, Iran. Saudi Arabia (Sunni-sect), being the jealous ex that never got to smash, in turn decided to cultivate radicalism in the country and oust Assad so they could instate a puppet regime to approve the pipeline, all-the-while spewing anti-Assad propaganda into the air-waves of other aligned global powers *wink wink* (See second largest Fox News shareholder is a certain Saudi Prince Alwaleed).


So what does this little oil conflict have to do with the US? Well… It’s really quite simple: Russia. Russia has one of its most powerful naval bases in Tartus and a strong military presence throughout the country and the US has been looking for any excuse to destabilize the region, exert even more pressure on Russia’s border (in the form of missile bases), and give them a black eye. But it’s not that simple. Remember about 2,000 political rants ago when some complained about “Saudi-Alligned foreign interests pouring money into the Clinton foundation in exchange for political/military favors”? Yeah, to serve these interests, the U.S. state department helped directly facilitate the radicalization of Syrian Rebels to oust Assad’s regime. (How strange that the aptly named “Arab Spring” fit snugly within the time-frame that ISIS filled the vacuum in Iraq.. Hmm.)

Because of Russia’s countermeasures, this was largely unsuccessful. So what does the U.S. do? They fabricate a human rights crisis around the Assad regime to galvanize the American people around faux morality just like they did with Saddam Hussein. Isn’t it funny how noted non-interventionist Steve Bannon steps down just a couple days before the bombs fell? Now, the establishment’s little plan is working perfectly and America is diving head first into a war with Russia. You, The American People, got played like a fiddle. Turn off the fucking Mainstream news and wake up.



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