Read Between the Lines Sometime

Now don’t shoot the messenger on this please, just hear us out.

Something just seems quiet odd with this situation. The shooter posted live streams all day long about what he was doing and why. Claims to have killed over 10 people, yet only one has been confirmed.

He then records himself shooting and killing a random elderly man on the street in Cleveland, Ohio. Everyone claims this was a live stream on Facebook, yet it wasn’t. It was actually uploaded after the fact and this video clip doesn’t show his face once.

Not claiming he didn’t commit the murder, not making any claims. Just speculating through possibilities. Will be looking into whether or not gun control bills have been introduced recently in Ohio such was the case after a Facebook Live shooting of a news reporter and cameraman in Virginia.

Just think outside the box, if MSM wants you to think a certain way, you may want to look for other outlets to help you determine the truth.



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