US: Boots on the Ground in Somalia

In an apparent attempt to “fight terrorism”, the United States government has begun sending troops into Somalia, for the first time since the US involvement in Somalia’s civil war 24 years ago. According to other news sources, these troops are strictly being used to “train” and “observe”. Ironic, the same thing was said about US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan after the troop pullouts, yet more and more US troops find themselves in combat in both countries. Not to mention the US military dropping the “Mother of all bombs” aka (MOAB) on supposed Al-qaeda tunnels in Afghanistan. No war going on there though, nothing to see right?

What is worrisome is the fact that war has not been declared against anyone in Somalia, nor Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya or Yemen, yet bombs and drone strikes are being used by US forces in all of these countries in a supposed “fight against terrorism.

Sadly, I personally believe, with quiet a bit of evidence to back it up, that these wars are nothing but warmongering by the oligarchy that truly controls the United States Government. Those in Government whose extra curricular pay comes from companies such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Halliburton and others who profit from these wars.

Please tell me what “freedom” the troops will be fighting for in Somalia. I would be more than happy to hear a reasonable explanation and to know why anyone in their right mind would support intervention in a country the US has absolutely nothing to do with. The United States needs to stop policing the world and start dismantling itself from the inside. I guess that is just my opinion and that of many others.

All i ask is that you think for yourself and speak your mind.


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