Civil Disobedience: Everyone Does It!

You may not realize, but you probably take part in acts of civil disobedience everyday. From simply “going with the flow” of traffic at a higher rate of speed than posted to stepping outside of a bar after becoming intoxicated (which is technically public intoxication by law). The point I am heading towards in this article is the fact that civil disobedience is the number one most effective tool in combating the brutal grip of government on personal liberties.

Why is it that no one seems to have a problem with civil disobedience when it conveniences them, yet at the same time disavow those who attempt to use it for causes they believe in, such a Marijuana prohibition and driver’s licensing or vehicle registration.

If more people decided to take part in mass civil disobedience on a number of subjects, the government would have no choice but to change their laws, cease enforcement or cause violent revolutions in response to their having incarcerated large numbers of people.


Here is a list of laws and issues that can be easily overturned, literally overnight, if more and more people decided to stand up to an ever increasing oppressive government:

  1. Traffic Speeds
  2. Drug laws
  3. Vehicle Registration
  4. Drivers Licenses
  5. Hunting Licenses
  6. Food and Beverage licensing
  7. Income tax (of which for federal income tax there is no actual law establishing said tax)
  8. Property Tax (which equates to paying the government rent on property only you rightfully own)
  9. Collecting Rainwater for drinking (illegal in many states in the US)
  10. Jury duty (although for victim-less crimes i personally recommend using this opportunity to nullify charges by voting not guilty)

There are many more examples, and all of them can be done through the peaceful process of mass civil disobedience. People need to remember that we outnumber the government. We have autonomy over our own bodies, we decide what goes into them and we are suppose to decide where the fruits of our labor go without being threatened with violence if they are not contributed to causes we disagree with.

Imagine a country if you will, say America, in which the entire citizenry decides one day that enough is enough. The populous decides, not through voting but by individual choice, what true morality is. Not the Government fed sense of morality we are fed from a young age.

Remember the saying “Just because something is legal, does not make it moral” and vice versa. The invasion of Iraq was “Legal”, which cost the lives of over a million innocent men women and children in a matter of weeks, not to mention those who succumbed to injuries later or were poisoned slowly by being exposed to radiation due to Uranium tipped Tank ammunition.

The Holocaust (regardless of the actual numbers you personally agree with) was legal in Germany, matter of fact it was actually written into LAW. The Genocide in Serbia, Bosnia, Rwanda, Uganda and Darfur were all LEGAL. Do you find those events and actions moral? I sure hope not.

When will you become an agent of liberty? When will you stand up for what is right? When will you stand up for the natural rights granted to you by your simple existence? As governments around the world become ever encroaching on personal liberties, that answer should be sooner than later.

This article is just the first of many that will touch on the idea of Civil Disobedience. Stay tuned for our soon to come live-streams, where we will be discussing true liberty, natural rights, free markets and much more.

I thank all who read this and ask that you continue to do so.


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