James Baker’s Update on His Dearborn Open Carry Case

We bring you the latest update from the freedom front, where two great individuals are literally fighting for their very lives and livelihoods against an anti-gun, blindly pro-police state that is Michigan. Where the anti-gun Governor has even appointed a special prosecutor to prosecute this case.

This malicious prosecution is based on charges that don’t even apply to this case. These two men committed no crimes as everything they did was perfectly legal under Michigan State law. Yet the state wants to make an example, wants to use them for political gains. Wants to punish them for disrespecting the Dearborn Police department for having the gall to step foot into their building legally carrying guns to file a complaint. That seems to be the biggest issue for the state, two man standing up for their rights informing the government of their transgression against them. How dare they says the government, how dare their question our authority, how dare they stand up for themselves and others.

As the mainstream media attempts to vilify these two men for committing no crimes, we here at Free Source Reporting, believe in reporting the truth, and that is all that matters.

Please give these two men all the support you possibly can. You can check out our previous article for Donation links.


Update on my case:

After I was arrested on Feb 5th, the prosecution dropped the three misdemeanors they originally charged me with. They replaced those three charges with a felony and two misdemeanor charges, up to nearly 6 years in prison. All of my guns were ordered to be confiscated, I was ordered to have a GPS tether on that keeps me in the house, and I was locked up pending paying the $50,000 cash surety bond for my release.

My first court date thereafter that arraignment, the prosecution attempted to lock me back up and take my $50,000 cash bond, all because I apparently did not turn in any firearms (all of which were sold lawfully well-ahead of time. The judge let me stay out, under the condition that my fiancé turn in her collection of firearms (so that I theoretically have zero access to firearms).

The next few court dates were as equally telling, as the prosecution refused to offer either Brandon or I any kind of plea deal, which is surprising. We had been floating in this vacancy of judges at the Wayne County 3rd Circuit Court, having each of these pretrial hearings in front of whatever veteran judge was available.

We went before one of these veteran judges a few weeks ago. My excellent attorney, Jim Makowski, filed a motion to quash my felony charge. The judge ruled in my favor, making the case that my Concealed Pistol License had been incorrectly confiscated and not returned, which means that there was no way I could have allegedly felony carried a concealed weapon. That charge, my only felony, was dismissed. It’s dismissal also necessitated dismissing Brandon’s correlating felony concealed carry charge.

Now, out of seemingly nowhere, Gov Rick Snyder up in Lansing appointed a judge to fill the vacancy we had been floating in. The judge he appointed is a female, anti-gun former prosecutor from Dearborn, the city of the arrest. This already seemed like the case is fixed from the Capitol on down, or else it is an amazing coincidence.

Today, this new judge, the Honorable Mariam Saad Bazzi, reversed the dismissal of the felony, denied our motion for an interlocutory appeal, denied our motion for her to recuse herself, denied our motion to suppress illegal evidence, and even denied our motion to move the trial date due to a schedule conflict. My felony is back, and an ugly trial is just around the corner.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your coercive, monopolized justice system. A backroom deal from Lansing down is at play here, and my freedom, even yours, is at stake.


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