Dearborn Open Carry Trial’s Terrible Conclusion

The Honorable Mariam Saad Bazzi denied all of the defense’s motions for directed verdicts.

Closing statements from defense attorneys were excellent, and truly convincing.

The judge, to no surprise, did everything possible to give the prosecution exactly what they wanted in Jury Instruction; The instructions were certainly worded and slanted in ways favorable to the prosecution.

Jury deliberated for about two hours even. Verdicts:

Disturbing a Lawful Meeting, 90 day Misdemeanor, NOT GUILTY
Brandishing a Firearm, 90 day Misdemeanor, NOT GUILTY
Carrying a Concealed Weapon, 5 year felony, GUILTY.

Disturbing a Lawful Meeting, 90 day misdemeanor, GUILTY
Resisting and Obstructing, 2 year felony, GUILTY
Carrying a Concealed weapon, 5 year felony, GUILTY.

Brandon was a photographer. Not to disparage his role in the activism that he and James have engaged in in Dearborn and elsewhere, but his role in this matter seems arguably less significant, and yet was hit with all charges. The judge did not adjust bond, and both men return to court August 18th for sentencing.

Both men are expected to be completely social media silent in the interim. What you can do to help is continue to buy the excellent shirts made to support them, of which the funds will go to help appellate costs. Clicking the link here ( will take you there.

The state has stacked everything possible against these men, and they have tragically succeeded in their task of shutting these men down.

For now.



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