Our Mission

The Mission of Free Source Reporting is to bring non-bias, independent reporting from around the world from every sort of subject. Political, Health, Economics, Science, Social, Breaking News and more.

Some stories and reports may be taken from the Associated Press when regarding general news stories from around the globe. We take our goal of non-bias reporting very seriously here at Free Source Reporting. We have an OP-Ed section for any opinionated articles.

We are also staffed by a handful of dedicated reporters whom also seek to report in a non-bias fashion.

We hope you enjoy our style of reporting and the mission we strive for. Too often the mainstream media and even independent venues twist stories and events to support a specific opinion or cause they personally support. We intend to break the status quo in this area.

Welcome to our new community, we hope you find our site satisfactory to your media needs.

– Kyle Miller (Editor in Chief)