Dearborn Open Carry Trial’s Terrible Conclusion

Open Carry Trial Conclusion


Assange Asserts “CIA created ISIS” ,Drops Bombshell Cables

Assange editorial on today’s 500,000 cables from the “year zero” of the modern era — WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) November 28, 2016   The founder of the transparency organization WikiLeaks released a statement yesterday upon the release of over 500,000 diplomatic cables dating back to 1979, which succinctly reveals how the CIA was essentially responsible…

Behind Bars and Bottom Lines

The Human Rights Crime of Medical Neglect in the U.S. Prison System According to Cory Clark from Lawless Media LLC “PHILADELPHIA, PA – Imagine a life where someone else has near complete control over your body, what you eat, when you sleep, how many hours you will work each day, if you will receive medical…